How to See Who Unfriended me on Facebook Secretly | (2023)

Getting unfriended on Facebook is something many of us have wondered about ever since we started using the social media platform and see people missing from our friends list. Have you ever received a friend request from someone who you knew was once your Facebook friend? How about going to a friend’s timeline and realizing you can’t see as much as you used to? Unless all your Facebook friends love and adore you, you’ve probably experienced some of these things before.

While other people are happy to stay oblivious, some of us can’t help but wonder who unfriended them on Facebook. These things happen right under our noses and can be tricky to find out. However, if you don’t mind doing a bit of digging and are just curious to know who these people are, we have some tips that can more than help you.

However, prepare yourself for a bit of a shock when you find out who removed you from their friends list. There’s a reason why unfriending people on Facebook doesn’t notify the unfriended party. If you want to open Pandora’s box and unleash a bit of chaos in your social life, keep reading.

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Unfollowing, Unfriending, and Blocking: The Differences

Before figuring out who unfriended you on Facebook, let’s set a few things straight. Facebook has many different friendship statuses and is not limited to just unfriending. Within the platform’s ecosystem, there’s a difference between unfollowing, unfriending, and blocking someone. All of these three statuses will limit interactions between two people in different ways and varying degrees.


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Firstly, let’s tackle the most obvious one: blocking. Blocking is not a term that’s exclusive to Facebook. You’d know that if you’ve blocked a number on your mobile phone in the past. It’s also widely used by other social media apps to indicate the termination of a relationship. If you’ve are suspicious of someone of unriending you on Facebook, you might want to consider if they’ve blocked you instead. Blocking and unfriending can be similar if all you do is check your Facebook friends list. However, blocking is graver because you’re completely unable to interact with someone.

When someone blocks you, you’ll automatically be removed as a friend. Furthermore, you won’t be allowed to access their profile, see their posts and photos, or even chat with them. You won’t be able to tag them anywhere on Facebook, whether it’s in photos or comments. Moreover, you can’t even search for them or add them as a friend anymore. It’s the harshest way to end a digital connection because it means they don’t want anything to do with you. You’re on their Facebook blocked list.


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On the other hand, unfriending someone is just removing someone from your list of friends. You’ll lose all the perks Facebook friends get like viewing non-public posts and photos. However, you’ll still be able to chat them up on Messenger and view their public profile. Moreover, you can still find them on Facebook if you do a quick search. Best of all, you can add them as a friend again, although there’s no guarantee they’ll accept your invite.

If you’re wondering why someone has unfriended you, don’t panic. Someone might do this simply because they’re paring down their Facebook friends list. It can happen if you guys don’t interact all that much on the platform. However, if that’s not the case, then there might be a reason that person has unfriended you. At that point, you might want to ask the person directly why pulled the trigger on your Facebook friendship.

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Lastly, someone unfollowing you won’t necessarily remove you from their friends list. However, you’ll have more distance on the platform because your posts won’t appear on their feed. It’s kind of similar to how you follow people on Twitter and see their posts as a result. Unfollowing does the reverse and it’s the same here on Facebook. However, Facebook is unique in that you’ll remain Facebook friends despite your unfollowing. You can still freely chat and view each others’ profiles, posts, and photos.

If you want to check who’s following you on Facebook, go to the “More” tab on your profile. Click on “Followers” and you’ll find a list of people who follow you on the platform. If a person isn’t on your followers’ list and is still on your friends list, they’ve unfollowed you. People often do this so that they won’t create the kind of conflict that blocking and unfriending creates. Blocking and unfriending are dramatic, but unfollowing is milder and less likely to hurt people’s feelings.

Can You Recover Deleted Friends on Facebook?

The answer to this question depends if someone has blocked you or unfriended you. If the person has blocked you completely, you can’t add them again as a friend. You won’t be able to see their profile at all. However, if you were unfriended, the only way to recover that friend is to add them again. The same is true if you’re the one who unfriended that person. Adding them as a friend again is the only way to recover the friendship status — at least on Facebook.

What Happens When Someone Unfriends You on Facebook?

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With the difference between blocking, unfriending, and unfollowing out of the way, it’s time to zoom-in on unfriending. It’s honestly not that difficult to find out who did the deed, but it can be tedious. If you want to find out if someone removed you as a friend, check out the following tell-tale signs:

Facebook Friends List: I Can’t See Their Name on My Friends List

An easy way to tell if a person has unfriended you is through your friend list. If someone unfriended you from the platform, you won’t find them on your list. Being Facebook friends is a mutual thing; if someone has removed you from their list, they’ll be removed from yours, too.

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If you suspect someone has unfriended you, run a quick search on your friends’ list to find out. Go to your friends’ list and type their name on the search bar. If they don’t appear there, they’ve either blocked or unfriended you. However, this is only a good way if you’re sure you’ve been friends on Facebook before. Otherwise, you might not have been Facebook friends in the first place. It’s also only effective if you have a specific name in mind. If you’re looking to find a general list of people who’ve unfriended you, this might prove to be ineffective.

Public Profile: Where Are All the Private Posts?

Finding out who unfriended you on Facebook can be pretty simple to figure out. Maybe you’re already on someone’s profile and you feel like you can’t see as many posts as before. News flashh: you might have been unfriended. In this case, the only posts and photos you can access are the public ones. Public posts are those with a tiny globe icon under a person’s name on a Facebook post. If a post has an icon with two people on it, it’s a post that’s only accessible for that person’s Facebook friends.

Although seeing only public posts might mean you’re unfriended, it can also mean you were restricted. In such a case, you won’t see that person’s posts because they want to take a break from you. You’ll only see posts they allow you to see. However, you’ll still be friends on Facebook.

Moreover, if a person posts publicly very often, it might be confusing to know if you were unfriended. This method isn’t full-proof, but it is useful if you know someone posts privately for the most part.

Re-Friending: Can You Unfriend And Re-Friend On Facebook?

If you visit someone’s profile and find the bright blue “Add Friend” there, then your suspicions might be correct. You’re no longer Facebook friends. This is the surest way to tell if someone has unfriended you on the platform when you were previously Facebook friends.

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Re-friending is an option and you’ll see it plain as day when you spot that big “Add Friend” button. If your main concern is re-friending the person who unfriended you, you shouldn’t worry too much. Being unfriended leaves the option of re-friending open, unlike in blocking where that’s out of the question.

You can unfriend and re-friend people as much as you want, too. However, if you do it very often, it might time for you guys to talk in person. You can sort things out amongst yourselves so you don’t have to unfriend and re-friend each other all the time.

Apps To Check Who Unfriended Me On Facebook

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The problem with the tell-tale signs is that they’re signs you have to look for. What if you want an easy way to check who unfriended you without having to dig? Is there a quick and convenient way to know who unfriended you on Facebook?

The good news is that there are third-party apps who can do the job for you. Who Deleted Me and Who Unfriended Me are just some examples of apps that track who unfriended you from the popular platform. These mobile apps simply keep track of your Facebook friends list and tell you if someone has unfriended you. Alternatively, you can also download the Who Deleted Me as a Chrome extension if you’re always on your laptop.

However, note that you’ll only see people who have unfriended you after you’ve downloaded the app. If someone has unfriended you in the past, you won’t be able to find out about that. It’s not retroactive, so you’ll have to do the work on your own.

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Answering the question of who unfriended you on Facebook is fairly easy with tell-tale signs and third-party apps. However, the real difficulty in facing all of the unfriending is the drama that comes afterward. That’s why it’s important to remain emotionally calm when you’re doing this and not jump to conclusions. Think about why the other person has unfriended you because the reason may be more harmless than you imagined.

How to See Who Unfriended me on Facebook Secretly | (6)


Can you find out who unfriended you on Facebook? ›

Conclusion. Facebook doesn't notify you when someone unfriends you. To see who unfriended you, go to your friends' list and check who's missing. Additionally, go to that person's Facebook profile and check if they're still active on Facebook.

How can I check if someone Unfriended me? ›

Select Friends to view your list of Facebook Friends. Search for the person's name via the search bar. Search for the name they use on Facebook if it's different from their legal name. If they don't show up in the search results, they may have unfriended you.

How do I know if someone unfriended me on Facebook? ›

Can someone tell if you unfriend them on Facebook? A person does not receive any type of notification if you unfriend them on Facebook; you will just be removed from that person's friend list. If that person looks at their list of friends, they may notice that you are not in it anymore.

How can I see my unfriend list on Facebook 2021? ›

Now whenever a person unfriends you on Facebook, you will be notified through the notification menu. Click on the notifications board to find out who has unfriend you. Besides the notifications, you can see the list from your Unfriend Finder page too.

Can I unfriend someone without them knowing? ›

According to Facebook, the person you unfriend will not be notified that you have unfriended them. However, you will no longer be in their friends list, so they may notice that you're gone. If you change your mind, you will have to go through the normal “friending” process again.

Does unfriending someone on Facebook remove them from messenger? ›

When you unfriend a Facebook contact, it requires only that you view that person's profile and remove the connection. The entire process takes seconds. That doesn't, however, disconnect you from Messenger. Your conversations in messenger are still present.

What is worse unfriending and blocking? ›

If you block someone, he/she won't be able to see your profile or anything you do on Facebook. Blocking someone means you two are invisible to each other. When you Unfriend someone from your friends list, he/she can still see your posts you shared as public or anything that is shared between your mutual friends.

When you unfriend someone on Facebook are they still following you? ›

Unfriended Facebook friends can still view your public posts and follow you if you enabled the option on your profile.

How can I tell if someone unfollowed me on Facebook 2022? ›

“To check out your current followers go to the “More” tab located on your profile page and click on 'Followers',” Vaughan said. “If someone who's still on your 'Friends' list is missing, it means they've unfollowed you.”

Why do people unfriend on Facebook? ›

1 | You post too often about unimportant stuff

This was actually the single biggest reason for unfriending. And I completely agree. I can always hide someone who posts their daily banalities so they don't show up in the news feed. (And that goes double for you, new parents.)

How do you find deleted friends on Facebook Messenger? ›

If you want to see deleted contacts only, you can turn on “Only display the deleted item (s)” on the top. Double-click on a contact to preview the detailed information. Choose the contacts you need, then click “Recover” to recover deleted or lost contacts from Facebook Messenger.

How can I secretly unfriend someone on Facebook? ›

Unfollow to Secretly “Unfriend”

Visit the user's page. Click on the button that reads “Friends” toward the bottom of their banner photo. Select Unfollow.

Do people know when you search them on Facebook? ›

Your Facebook searches are private. If you look up someone's profile or they look up yours, none is the wiser. Facebook is very clear on the matter: “Facebook users cannot track who has viewed their personal homepage. Third-party applications also cannot provide this feature.”

Is unfriending someone childish? ›

No, "unfriending" is not a childish thing to do. It is, in fact, a very adult thing to do because it's a reflection of mature discernment and ability to judge who deserves a space in our lives and who we're better off distancing ourselves from.

Can I still message someone who Unfriended me? ›

You can also send them messages and snaps but they won't be able to see them. They will be on the pending list. If they add you again then they will receive your pending messages.

Why would someone unfriend you but not block you? ›

They're Leaving the Door Open to Reconcile. This is probably the most common reason people don't block their ex on social media. Your ex might have unfriended you to make a point, but not blocked you because they're still holding out hope that you'll reconcile and get back together someday.

When you block someone on Messenger What do they see 2022? ›

Once you block someone from Messenger, they can no longer contact you. This means that they won't be able to send you text, audio, or video messages. They'll only be able to see your profile picture and your previous conversations. They won't be able to know when you were last online or see your online status.

What do you do when someone unfriends you on Facebook? ›

What to Do If Someone Unfriends You. You do have the option to send a fresh friend request to the person. Simply search for the profile, open it, and click on “Add Friend” to send a new friend request.

Why does being Unfriended hurt? ›

We feel disappointed that these people accepted our friend requests in the first place, and we feel like these people shouldn't have accepted our requests if they were just going to unfriend us anyway. More than that, we feel validated when our friends like things we have posted.

Can a blocked person on Facebook see my public posts? ›

Blocking someone means they can't see your timeline, message you, tag you, and send you friend requests. You won't see their activity either. This is what most people miss: People who are blocked can still see your public information and any activity within apps or groups.

How do you Refriend someone you unfriended on Facebook? ›

You can get to it by searching with the bar at the top, clicking on a tag containing their name, or similar methods. On their profile page, you should see an Add Friend button as normal. Click that to send them a new friend request; if they accept, you'll be friends again.

How can I see my friend History on Facebook? ›

How do I see a friendship page on Facebook?
  1. Tap in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Go to your friend's profile by typing their name into the search bar at the top.
  3. Tap below the cover photo.
  4. Select See Friendship.

How does it feel to be Unfriended? ›

Being unfriended is usually just bewildering if the individual is an online friend only, but if that person is a real life friend or acquaintance or, worse still, a family member, you can be left feeling extremely hurt and angry.


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