What Does It Mean When A Cat Chooses You? (2022)

What does it mean when a cat chooses you rather than the other way around?

These are the only animals that we keep as pets that will decide who their owners are, so their choice has some significance.

If you have involuntarily adopted a cat, then you know that this is a real phenomenon —and much more widespread than you think!

There’s a reason for it, too. Cats gravitate to spiritual people.

When A Cat Chooses YouWhat Does It Mean When A Cat Chooses You? (1)

Cats have long been a part of our shared cultural history, especially as symbols of spirits and high energy.

They also have strong associations with intuition, psychic powers, and rituals.

They are known to have a lot of cosmic energy compared to other animals, with their auras comparable in size to ours in relative terms.

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Because they rely on their instincts so heavily, cats are very spiritual beings. Not quite to a human level, but close enough that it makes them powerful companions.

When choosing an owner, it will rely on its instincts to choose the right one.

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The primary way of doing this is through vibrational matching.

It works the same way as we like to spend time with people who are on the same vibrational level as us. It is the samebetween us and our pets.

Your new feline friend has recognized your energy on an intuitive level and has identified you as “kin” – or family.

How do you know if a cat chooses you?What Does It Mean When A Cat Chooses You? (2)

Cats can be picky about who they let into their hearts. They are notoriously fickle when it comes to affection, and a new cat owner will wonder if his or her pet sees them at all!

It can be difficult to tell whether they like you—but there are some signs that cats give off. If your kitty gives you any of these signs, consider yourself one of the lucky ones!

Also, be on guard for your cat’s changing moods. Cats can love you one minute and hate you the next if they feel as though their territory is being threatened.

If this happens, always reassure them that everything will be okay.

Keep in mind that there are other animals (and people) out there who make a cat feel secure. If your pet is showing signs that he or she loves you, it may be because you give them the security they are looking for.

Cats can love us without showing their affection at all—not even with purrs or headbutts! There are some cats who barely kiss their owners and still have an enormous amount of love to give.

So, here are some signs that your cat has chosen you!

1. Your cat likes you to pet and play with themWhat Does It Mean When A Cat Chooses You? (3)

Cats love attention from their humans. If your kitty is always happy to see you, or he or she rolls over for a belly rub when you walk in the door and initiates playtime — it’s possible that they have chosen you!

Be sure to give your cat plenty of love when they are around you, or even when they are not. If your feline friend is affectionate about it, pet them and give them treats for being so adorable!

2. Your cat talks to you

Cats can communicate in many ways besides purring or nuzzling. They sometimes make a specific sound or gesture to get your attention.

3. Your kitty lets you touch them

Cats are, most of the time, creatures who connect with us through space. They do not want to be in our laps or touched if they are not ready for it.

Other than during playtime, a kitty might let you know that he or she wants to be petted by rubbing against you. It’s a good sign!

4. Your kitty follows you around the house and wants to be near you at all timesWhat Does It Mean When A Cat Chooses You? (4)

Cats have their own personal spaces, but they will often follow their humans from room to room—especially if he or she is close to another animal (or person!).

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If your cat seems to walk in step with you, it might be because he or she wants to be near you.

Remember, though—a cat will make his or her own decision about who (or what) they want in their life.

Never force your kitty into affection or try to take away love—even if you think your pet is showing signs that he or she loves you!

If your kitty has chosen you, he or she will likely let you know in a subtle way.

Cats As Spirit GuidesWhat Does It Mean When A Cat Chooses You? (5)

One form that your spirit guides can take is that of this animal, so if you now belong to a feline owner, it may be the universe lending you a helping paw on your spiritual journey.

When a cat chooses you, it can be because you need long-term spiritual guidance and companionship.

Some people respond well to having a Guru or an expert healer guiding them through, but others don’t.

These people are far more likely to gain one of these furry companions because it is a way of them taking the guidance that suits their temperament.

This animal has long been thought to represent spirits and higher wisdom. It is because of the extensive energy field they can maintain.

Good Luck When A Cat Chooses YouWhat Does It Mean When A Cat Chooses You? (6)

The final reason a cat chooses you is that it is merely following fortune.

The independent nature of this animal means that it is usually following whatever path best benefits it.

As followers of fortune, the arrival of a cat in your life may signal that significant good luck is about to come your way.

If you turn the animal away or it changes its mind, you will instead come into a spell of bad luck related to finances and health.

Many people think that it brings good and bad luck with it. This idea isn’t exactly right.

These animals are highly attuned to fortune, so they follow the good and avoid the bad much better than we do.

Do cats have a favorite person?

Cats do have a special relationship with their owners, but this sort of bond is not exclusive to a single individual.

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Regardless of how and why they feel affection towards you or your family members, what do you think it means when your cats chooses YOU?

Could it be that the cat has chosen to form an eternal friendship? Or are there deeper connections going on with a cat’s bond towards its owner?

A study states that cats share an innate ability, which allows them to feel people’s emotions.

Cats tend to get closer and more affectionate with their owners when they are feeling positive emotions such as feeling comfortable or relaxed.

So if you are a positive person, then it’s possible a cat can have a favorite person.

How do cats choose their favorite person?What Does It Mean When A Cat Chooses You? (7)

How do cats choose their favorite person?

Cats that are more relaxed or feel at ease with their owner tend to enjoy spending time with the person.

When it comes to social interactions, the cat’s bond with its owner is stronger than with other humans.

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Cats choose their favorite person by forming a common bond with the individual.

This can be done through touch or affection. With this in mind, it’s important for you to understand that cats are very expressive creatures and they tend to reflect their own emotions onto those around them.

Become your cat’s favorite personWhat Does It Mean When A Cat Chooses You? (8)

You can become your cat’s favorite person by showing your affection.

They’ll start to trust you and want to be with you most of the time.

Here are some things you can try:

Play games with your cat:

This is important. You want to show them that you enjoy their company and playing games also gets both of you moving, which is healthy for your cat.

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For example, fetch will get them exercising while they have a fun time with you at the same time.

Your cat needs to feel like a member of the family:What Does It Mean When A Cat Chooses You? (9)

So treat them like one of your children and show a strong interest in their wellbeing while ignoring inappropriate behavior.

Your cat will come to see you as the person who provides for them and is there for them no matter what.

Your cat will also become bored if you ignore their playtime, so show your interest by joining in the fun!

If you’re not able to do this more often, then it’s important that you try and make them feel like a part of the family when you do spend time with them.

It’s all about the love

Cats can only take so much abuse before they decide that you’re not someone that they want to be around.

You need to show them affection and let them know that you enjoy their company.

Make sure to spend some time with your cat every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes, otherwise they may just wander off and find someone else who will spend time with them.

Just remember to be gentle with your cat because they’re not like dogs that enjoy rough play.

Playing games like fetch is good for both of you but don’t force your cat to do something that they aren’t comfortable doing.

When a stray cat chooses youWhat Does It Mean When A Cat Chooses You? (10)

Any cat is adorable, and even the stray ones. There is a reason why they have become stray, which is usually because they feel unwanted in their previous environment.

They can sense that you are willing to provide a warm, loving environment for them and the fact that you have taken the initiative to approach them turns them on even more!

Stray cats find homes faster than other abandoned cats simply because of the fact that they were able to connect with someone.

If you take the time to get to know them and show some affection, they are likely to keep coming back for more!

Stray cats want and need love just as much as any other cat, so if you can provide a warm home, food, fun games, and overall love then they will surely stay with you.

If a stray cat chooses then it means good things because they need and want your help.

(Video) Vocal cat chooses her food and says thank you! (Part 1)

So don’t turn them away, take them in and provide the love and home that they need.


So if a cat wants to be with you, perhaps now is the time to let them get closer to you.

They have chosen you for a reason and you should embrace your new cat companion!


What does it mean if a cat chooses you? ›

But the trend of cats as a species choosing humans as a food source relates to why individual cats choose individual humans to love. The motivation is very similar: cats choose their favorite person based on a combination of circumstances, resources, and personality.

How do you know if a cat has chosen you as their person? ›

Then, look out for these behaviors.
  • They treat you like you're a cat. ...
  • They rub against you. ...
  • They follow you into a room. ...
  • They come into your bedroom while you're sleeping. ...
  • They blink their eyes slowly. ...
  • They knead their paws like a kitten. ...
  • They make the right kind of meow. ...
  • They show their belly—in some cases.
Jun 25, 2020

What does it mean when a cat chooses you as its owner? ›

But how do cats choose their human? For some cats, treats and attention determine their choice. For others, it might be the feeling of comfort and safety they experience by being in the same room with their human.

Can cats sense good person? ›

Although a cat may not care (as that word is generally used) about human morals, cats can and do distinguish between good and bad people, and are excellent judges of human character and emotion.

How do you determine a cat's favorite person? ›

Are You Your Cat's Favorite Person? Discover! - YouTube

Do cats protect you when you sleep? ›

Cats are perfectly capable of protecting you while you sleep—and if you find them sleeping at the foot of your bed, that's likely what they're doing—but how protective a cat is depends on the cat's nature.

How do cats say sorry? ›

Cats aren't capable of apologizing, as this would mean that they feel guilt, understand that you have wronged someone, and want to make amends. Though cats are highly intelligent, they can't experience such complex emotions.

Do cats get emotionally attached to their owners? ›

Just like babies and dogs, cats form a deep emotional bond with the humans living around them, according to new research. Just like babies and dogs, cats form a deep emotional bond with the humans living around them, according to new research.

Do cats prefer male or female owners? ›

According to a new study, cats experience the greatest fondness for female owners. Cats attach to your veterinary clients—your female clients in particular—as social partners and it's not just because they want to be fed, according to research in the journal Behavioral Processes.

Do cats protect their owners? ›

Cats are often stereotyped as standoffish and aloof, even to the people who love them most, but the truth is that cats can be just as protective of their people as dogs are of theirs. Put simply, cats love their family and their family loves them right back.

Can cats tell when something is wrong with you? ›

Cat's uncanny abilities to pick up cues like illnesses, diseases, and moods are some of the reasons why they are affectionate, especially towards people with emotional issues. Yes, just like dogs, kitties can be surprisingly aware of people's emotions, good and bad energy, and even events before they happen.

How do you determine a cat's favorite person? ›

Are You Your Cat's Favorite Person? Discover! - YouTube

Why are cats drawn to certain humans? ›

Why are cats attracted to me? Since cats have a strong sense of smell you might be a cat magnet because of your scent. Some cats are also attracted to people with a relaxed and quiet personality, and a non-threatening posture, while others will flock to you for food and attention.

How do cats mark their humans? ›

People are usually marked by cats with their forehead, while furniture and other inanimate objects are marked by the sides of their cheeks and their chins. Cats have scent glands in their paws. Scratching in a variety of areas is the sign of a cat marking and not just working to keep his claws clean and sharp.

Do cats change their favorite person? ›

The affection of a cat can be a little fickle. As mentioned, cats will not change their favorite person just because somebody else fed them. Ultimately, cats will always gravitate toward whoever they feel understands them best. You also need to be careful not to upset your cat.


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